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08-06-2017, 11:04 PM

I'm an ardent scripter looking for a number of artists for various projects. The projects have a wide variety of tones and artstyles and I'd love to find artists for each who feel that their artistic persuasions and style fit the project like a glove.

Briefly, the projects are:
-The Panhandler: A street-level superhero story based around the culinary arts, organized francophone crime, and action. Comedic and dramatic PG-13 content. Looking for a very professional, mainstream and realistic artstyle one might find opening any typical continuity comic in another company like DC, Marvel, or Dark Horse. Lots of urban settings, gritty scenes, and almost noir-like settings at times.

-The Terran: A focused story following a superhero who works with larger threats, possessing real super powers. Similar art style to above and PG-13 content. This work as more global settings, space, mountains, nature. A tone that breathes with hope and life, contemplation, but not without lighthearted fun and colour. Reminiscent of a golden age comic book. Being able to draw beauty is absolutely key, as the beauty of the Earth and life are thematically key to the book.

-Future Knight: A sci-fi/fantasy manga style, black and white, heavily artistic, extremely dark ongoing story based around a man from the future sent 11,000+ years into the past, to discover lost civilizations that time and catastrophe have destroyed, ranging from hunter gatherer tribes to megalithic cities and the cultures therein. He must survive and correct his mistakes and what he's unleashed on the world. This would be perfect for an artist who considers themselves a master of stylized action, black and white art, violence, gore, but most importantly visual storytelling. Unlike the others this is a story which would require an artist who can create stomach-wrenching pages solely in black and white, and deal with extreme dark, miserable, and agonizing subject matter. This is by far the most challenging to draw as some parts require expression of ethereal consciousness purely through imagery, and ability to convey character thoughts and emotions through strictly the art and no dialogue at times. This work would be a hard R if not stray into NC-17 territory.

-Surf's Up!: A kid-oriented story based largely around surfing and the magic of the ocean, about a 9 year old girl with a big heart from Eritrea who moves to Hawaii and becomes caught up into a story that is grander than herself dealing with legends of the ocean, humanity, and pretty much just having a whimsical, fun adventure. Absolutely G-rated content. A more cartoonish artsyle would suit this work. Something bright, colourful, stylistically simpler in terms of character models, but one important factor will be ability to draw excellent water and environments, and have a flare for visual humour.

-H.O.S.E.R.S.:A comedic graphic spy novel dealing with a secret Canadian organization of national defense. A lot of humour, focused around a plot that starts out small and then becomes comically grander as things spiral out of control for the new initiate into the ranks of the organization. This artstyle can be stylized to be slightly awry or off-the-wall, but not straying fully into the cartoonish. Light PG-13 content.

These of course are just the probes to see if you feel like you respond to any of the broadest ideas of the stories. The first is fully scripted, and I'm scripting the others, and detailed treatments can be provided to you on request so you can judge the material for yourself and decide if one speaks to you.

I plan to publish all of these digitally for retail, and then continue expanding upon all of them, and eventually create a crossover which is already planned out. When you sign on to work on any of these projects, we become business partners, and I respect you as one. We put in an investment of time for a monetary return together and we'll create something great. While ownership rights of the stories and characters lie with me, revenue will be split 60/40 your way to each artist from the individual gross each work creates. I have absolute confidence that our combined talent can create a valuable product that will give us an honest return, and hopefully more.

This is why I am looking for extremely professionally-minded, organized artists with work ethic, and commitment. These are HUGE projects that will absolutely require a lot of time and effort, and I say this up front to make sure it's as open as possible that the size and scope and expectations in this work are demanding. I don't want to crush anyone with an overload of workload and wind up having them unable to finish, as that's bad for both of us. Because we are expecting to publish a professional product on the market, it must look the part and read the part, and if it does our time will absolutely be rewarded.

All that said, creative work is arduous, but fun too. If you have any interest or want to learn more, you can contact me at ANSandEtc@gmail.com, which is an email I made specifically for this sort of business so I'll check regularly. Hope to hear from you!


PS: As an endnote, the scripts I create can be as hands on or hands off as you like depending on the amount of artistic freedom you'd like to have with the paneling, some of the blocking of scenes, how the images are presented on the page. For example, in the existing script for the first above story there are important instances where I am very particular about exactly how the page should look for thematic reasons and describe them, but also has other instances where an artist can take liberties to really express the work the way they feel looks right. Conversely, I can be more hands on if you feel you want some specifics and direction in great detail for you to work off of if you'd like, and I'll even go as far as storyboarding if it's something you want. I don't ever want you to feel like we're not communicating or you're lost in the script so a very solid back and forth of communication is important. We should be able to work together to find what is best for us to create something excellent!