View Full Version : [WANTED] Guest Comics for Our Site

08-06-2017, 06:21 PM

Due to good old life changes, it might take longer than one week to post a new episode of our webcomic REDemption. Therefore, I would like to open our site up to guest comics. If you want to check us out first, then please do!


Got a one-shot deal that doesn't fit anywhere else? Or maybe you just want to get exposure to your portfolio so you can get some paid gigs? Then send your information to us!

Please note: REDemption is a dark, post-apocalyptic, zombie type thing...so lighthearted Family Circus type stuff might not be the best fit!

**************************PLEASE NOTE: This is not a posting where we are looking for anyone to work on OUR comic. We are looking for people to submit their own COMPLETED comics. Naturally, you will retain all rights.**************************

There is one other thing I want to make clear: when I say "guest comics," I am not expecting you to create anything NEW for us. I know you are probably busy coming up with new stuff for your own websites and so on.

No, what I mean is we are open to you taking already-completed work and repurposing it for a guest post on our site.


If anyone is interested, please email us directly: