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08-06-2017, 10:01 AM

Pencils by Brett Booth and inks by Matt 'Batt' Banning

This is a commission piece that Brett B drew for Royce Viso. After Royce got Batt to ink it I saw it on Batt's facebook page and (as usual) asked if I could colour it... He put me onto Royce and a week or so ago, Royce sent the high res over and said "See what you can do with it..."

So this is what I did with it! :)


08-06-2017, 01:01 PM
Super nice coloring job on this one, Sean. Love the choice of background color[s]; really makes the greens and silvers on his outfit pop!

08-06-2017, 10:53 PM
The coloring of his costume is rich and luxurious. Very vivid. Very eye catching.

I can only imagine how intimidating that it must be to be a colorist just starting out, and posting to this forum section. You demonstrate coloring prowess with casual ease.

I'm not a fan of his hair, relative to the rest of the main character on display here. It reminds me of some bad dye jobs that I've encountered in real life, so perhaps a little too close for comfort there, more so than a critique of the piece, itself.

That nitpick aside, you consistently cause the eye to marvel, where your coloring is concerned. You deftly wield shades and hues. You carefully pay heed to light. Your coloring tends to greatly compliment the piece you bring before you.

You also spoil the viewer who dares to visually consume your work with any degree of frequency or regularity. I will never in my life understand why so many would-be colorists just flood a page with color, and then just exacerbate matters and make them worse by swift resort to special effects that software makes readily accessible to the pro and the amateur, alike.

This piece is a fine example of what restraint in the application of color can make possible. Like an experienced chef, you create a visual dish that is delicious to the eye, whereas the far less experienced or far less disciplined will frequently burn the eye with their own renditions that feature color run amok all over the page.