View Full Version : writer looking for collaborator (Western and Sci-Fi)

08-04-2017, 10:46 PM
My name's Trevor Talbott and I've self published four comics now through Kickstarter (three issues of Eclipse and one for Child Number Four). I'm in the process of finishing up a book with Marvel artist Diego Olortegui titled Datura we plan on pitching to publishers.

I have two stories I'm looking to start on next.

One is a western story about an ex-outlaw turned family man who is literally haunted by his past. He see's the ghosts of those he's killed and one day the men who were once his loyal followers seek revenge for abandoning them.

The second is a sci-fi story with working title of Re-Generation. A 75 year old man wakes up to this new world after Earth is destroyed by nukes. Is this heaven? Is he dreaming? He doesn't know but he's 25 again and surrounded by a village of 25 year old's lost in time. Where are they?

Please email me if interested at Trevor N Talbott (@) gmail.com

I can not afford to pay page rates at this time. I'd like for us to start off by submitting to publishers and trying our hand that route before making an attempt at a Kickstarter campaign.

Thanks for your interest.