View Full Version : Writer Looking for Penciller/Inker for Giant Monster/Giant Robot comic

07-25-2017, 11:01 PM
The Job: I have created a graphic novel called Super Custodian Tetsuo. Iím looking for an artist who can pencil and ink the 12-page pitch that I have created to shop around to potential publishers.

The Pitch: In a version of Tokyo where giant monster attacks are common, Captain Hiro Ikeda saves the city by piloting Super Robot Warrior, a giant mecha. But, when a new threat overpowers Hiro, the city turns to Tetsuo, a janitor who uses a giant custodial robot to clean up after Hiroís battles, to save the day. Itís an affectionate parody of giant robot/giant monster shows (Think Neon Genesis Evangelion meets The Venture Brothers).

The Art: I want someone who can combine traditional American style comics and manga. Examples of what I have in mind include Get Jiro! Drawn by Langdon Foss or Sharknife illustrated by Corey Lewis. More to the point, I want someone who can balance the expressive ďcartoonyĒ style youíd find in a straight up comedy with the detail and scale found in straight up action comics.

The Pay: $125 per page, to be paid via PayPal no more than 24 hours after completion of all 12 pages. This would 300 DPI and forwarded to my Dropbox account.

In Conclusion: Ultimately, Iím looking for someone who loves fun comics but has the work ethic to realize them. This is my first major comic project, so, unfortunately, I donít have any past credits to cite.

Iím wanting to get the entire pitch completed in less than two months. Consequently, Iíd like to commission any potential collaborators to draw a page as a sample of your art and work speed. If youíre interested, you can drop me a line at jordancomix@yahoo.com. Hope to hear from you soon. Like everyone else in the world, Iím on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ryan.jordan.71619