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07-21-2017, 11:58 AM

pencils and inks by Cam Adams
colours by me

07-25-2017, 03:48 PM

one area though that I wonder about, is the highlight under his left knee / leg....the other highlights are rim lights on the edge of the limbs.....that one drew my eye as it makes the leg look malformed?


07-26-2017, 09:34 AM
The red is just lighting bouncing off his cape. Probably a bit strong, but what the hey...

08-05-2017, 09:10 AM
Didn't know you were posting stuff here, too, Sean! Cool!! Gives me twice the goodness! As always, your colors are always super rich and vibrant!!

08-05-2017, 09:25 AM
for 14 years now and counting...

08-05-2017, 12:26 PM
Not a fan of this particular piece. I've looked at it on probably a half dozen different occasions, now. Granted, taste varies from person to person, and as the old saying goes, you can't please everyone. Typically, though, I tend to find your coloring very pleasing to my eye. That's what strikes me as so odd about this piece.

I'm a Doctor Strange fan, so it isn't the subject matter that is problematic for me, here. You're a master colorist, and you deliver high quality coloring results consistently. The bulk of your work on display here, I never comment on at all - and that's because it would probably end up being an exercise in redundancy, with praise flowing like water over Niagara Falls.

So, as I sit here, this morning, fully refreshed from a long night's sleep, I managed to stumble my way in here, yet again. And my eye doesn't like it any better than it did any of the other times that it glimpsed it. Yet, trying to describe what one likes or dislikes, specifically, about something can sometimes be quite the challenge, in and of itself. Nonetheless, I'm going to try, just the same.

Doctor Strange is one of my personal favorite comic book characters ever to come down the pike. So, I want to like this piece. I really and truly do. But, even the Master of the Mystic Arts seems powerless to persuade me to this piece's cause. Thus, let me conjure up some words of critique, whereby I can convey unto you what my own eye sees.

It falls flats. When my eye sees it as the page loads, my eye is visually underwhelmed. It falls as flat on my eye as much gray scale artwork has over the years. Why, though?

It has to do with the treatment of lighting in this one, I think. It has a muted effect. It's visually dull. Nothing really seems to pop with the eye.

The planet in the bottom right, that's a nice coloring job, right there. Yet, when viewed against the mass of flat color emanating from the much larger bulk of the rest of the image, it sort of jars the eye. Slightly. It doesn't seem to fit in with the rest of the coloring scheme at play, here.

But, that planet is small potatoes, visually speaking. It's not the source of what visually ails this piece. Again, this is my perspective. It doesn't have to be anyone else's perspective. I just offer it up as food for thought to the colorist for future Doctor Strange undertakings.

The mass of the visual thud emanates from two places on this piece. First and foremost, the large brownish background, the window or magical incantation made manifest, that looms behind Doctor Strange. It's primary accomplice in this visual caper of underwhelming me? It's blue counterpart on the floor - but the blue one is not the driving force behind the underwhelming. Isolated out from its brownish counterpart, it has visual legs of its own to stand on.

Further complicating the visuals in this one are the good doctor's spells taking form, his visual conjurings, if you will. They, too, fall flat. They just sit there flexing their impotence, where their coloring is concerned. No coloring variety to speak of, they are visually mute. They don't speak to me. They don't rouse me to life, as they should. They are...subdued.

But, so is his cape. Which is fine, as capes go. And the edging of the cape? Oh, its there, but it doesn't grab the eye. What, pray tell me, does reach out and grab the eye?

The brazier in the lower left corner, that pleases my eye. I like the ornate detail (which is not the colorist's fault), but the coloring seems to suit it well. The same can't be said for whatever is emanating from it. My eye is drawn to the brazier, but not to that which burns within, nor to that which wafts out.

Visually speaking, this piece is fit for Dormammu. Why? Because, it leaves the good doctor feeling powerless - visually powerless. The concentrations of visual energy are missing. What we are left with is a visual trickster whose color gimmicks will not sell the show out in this carnival of underwhelming horrors.

The concentrations of light rob the good doctor of his moment in the shadows. They dominate the eye. They destroy the visual magic of this one for me.

It hits my eye like a thud, when I look at this piece.

Perhaps I have gone daft. Maybe I am missing something, something critical that is supposed to persuade the eye. Along his right arm and right leg, what is that yellowish-golden edge? Is that emanating from his incantations? So much yellow in play, here. Collectively, it acts as a wash of light upon the eye. It negatively impacts the contrast of the piece.

The incantations taking form in his hands, for example. The visual transition against their various backgrounds lets the eye just fall off the incantations. They lose visual force, that way. This is further complicated by their whitish hue remaining a constant across them, from their inner core to their outer band. They end up looking plain, like Jane.

And that more yellowish-orangish orb floating in front of Doctor Strange, it struggles against all of the other sources of light and visual wash to draw the eye to it. It's edge, also, has no use for sharp contrast, it seems, and so it just sort of sits there in the air, accomplishing nothing of visual greatness.

And the Eye of Agamotto upon his chest? It might as well be a mere trinket. Granted, in this piece, it is not the star of the visual show. But, pray tell me, what is?

A wash of light colors, but no visual magic. Can I just take the brazier and run?

08-06-2017, 09:57 AM
Maybe you'd like this one a bit more then? :)



08-06-2017, 10:55 PM
His clothing, most assuredly.