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07-20-2017, 08:38 PM
Hey Ya'll

I have created a story and I am looking for a good writer to help with dialogue and to bring it home.

This will be an animated series, movie and webtoon.

Basically there are 4 stories that intertwine and it will be woven together.

Here are the 4.
1) Story of two ex friends who go on to work on a Super Sentai and Kaiju show. (Think Power rangers) This will be in the style of a K Drama love story that will flip the switch to a sci fi / superhero genre.

2) Story of a girl who dreams to become a Webtoon artist despite living in a country where little opportunities arise.

3)Story of a monster girl named Wink! who is surviving the Monster Apocalypse. She lives in a world where Heroes stopped existing and monsters took over. It is a hopeless world or though it may seem. Wink! travels around the world in search of "PPP" or Pretty Power Princess the Manga in the middle of the Monster Apocalypse.

4) Story of an Ex Power Ranger who discovers he is a character on a TV show. When his character is killed off on the show he goes to a place where lost or interim ideas go to die or be reborn. He makes a deal with the "Burden." and goes on a journey to break through the 4th Wall - into our dimension. All the while he is being chased by 3 Kaiju Monsters. Think Green Rangers vs Gamera,Godzilla and Ultraman.

These 4 stories combine at some point. But they will all be written in different styles.

Please contact me if you are a writer interested in this