View Full Version : Seeking Artist for Image Comics Submission PAID

07-18-2017, 10:20 AM
Devil's Brood Comics is searching for an artist for a submission to Image Comics. We are seeking an artist looking to make a name for himself in the comic industry as we believe our concept is ready to publish. We have put years of effort into our concept and have characters, storyline and a universe that is mainstream ready. Visit www.devilsbroodcomics.com to view the comic which you will be working on. A Sci-fi/Fantasy titled "Hag's Henchmen."

Please email your submission to broodcomics@gmail.com

Payment Details
This will require six pages of pencils, inks and colors. Plus cover art. The total pay is $900. Paid to you via Paypal.
You will receive:
$200 after the cover pencils and inks are complete.
$200 after the six pages of pencils are complete.
$200 when the six pages are inked and
$200 when all the work is colored.
Plus $100 bonus if all the work is completed by an agreed upon date.

Thanks for your submission. Due to time constraints, you will not be contacted unless we have chosen you to work with us.

Thank you.