View Full Version : Illustrator wanted for 8 page comic - for anthology

07-07-2017, 02:40 PM
20 dollars per page for inked illustrations - mad magazine (underground comix) style artwork preferred.

I will pay for work upon completion (within one week). I need to give approval for the layouts and after the pencils are completed before the finishes (inks).

An invoice isn't necessary, but is welcome if you'd like to invoice me for work for hire post completion. Completed work means 300 dpi inked illustrations. I pay by paypal.

The work will be included in a published anthology.

I am a writer who has worked on Eagleburger, Grim Future Comics, and have been published by ZUDA (DC) comics. For a comic example of my work, look at www.rudyillustration.com Please email rudigerfoodiger@gmail.com