View Full Version : Seeking artist for 7 pitch pages / $85 per page

06-24-2017, 02:32 AM
Hey all, my name is Chris Lewis. I'm the writer of DRONES (IDW), and KARMA POLICE (Vault Comics). Currently I'm putting together a pitch for an alternate history, psychedelic thriller set in the 80s, and need an artist for 6 interior pages and one cover.

I'm offering $85 per page, but am willing to negotiate. Payment will be via PayPal, half up front and the rest within 5 days of delivery of high res pages (300 dpi, TIFFs).

Preference will be given to those with a unique, fresh look, who can show their enthusiasm and drive by means of self-published work and a spiffy blog / instagram / etc. with nice sequentials and regular updates. If you think your work is good enough for one of the top publishers in the U.S., please send samples to ca_louie@hotmail.com.

Please note that while I appreciate all serious inquiries and submissions, I can only guarantee replies to those who fulfill the above criteria.

You can check out some of my work at www.epigamics.com. I'm also on Twitter at @relicswish.

Thanks for your interest. I look forward to seeing what you've got!

07-04-2017, 09:05 AM
Wow, what a response! I've seen some amazing artwork over the course of the last week, and wanted to thank everybody who reached out to me, as well as let you all know the position has now been filled. THANK YOU!