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JC Lacek
06-23-2017, 12:54 AM
Here's the deal:
I am the writer/creator of Jazz Legend, a new ongoing series on Scout Comics set for release early 2018. Our current illustrator must step away from the book after issue #2 (which is currently in production) and we are looking for a replacement asap. We need to fulfill another 3-4 issues to complete the current story arc. This is a creator-owned title, so all profits are backend, per the usual creator-owned arrangement. I would prefer to discuss the exact details over email but what I can say is that for whoever we bring on, they will receive the same deal as our current artist (writer & illustrator split all profits 50/50 after expenses, i.e. inker, letterer colorist - this also applies to the TPB). Our creative team consists of alumni from Image, IDW, and Dynamite, so please know that we are looking for professional quality work by an artist with a published portfolio.

Here are some details about the job
- starts early August
- our turnaround is one issue every 1.5 months
- we will only consider an artist with published work

About the story
Jazz Legend is a genre bender, classic noir meets cosmic fantasy. We need you to be comfortable with a wide range of subject matter. We might need you to draw a 60's model Cadillac one page and then need you to do a violent war between strange alien gods the next. Longe story short, this book can be a challenge. If you have examples of these types of scenarios in your work, please send us those examples separate from your main portfolio so we don't have have to dig to find what we are looking for.

send submissions to jazzlegendcomic@gmail.com

please do not send a ton of attachments - links are best

Here are some examples from the series