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06-20-2017, 12:50 PM

Thanks for checking out my thread.

My name is David William Daniel Thomas. I am the writer/creator of The Infinites over at Heroic Publishing.

The Infinites is a series that deals with a coalition of the greatest superheroes and champions from a variety of alternate Earths, divergent realities, times and dimensions. They are rightly dubbed "The Worlds' Greatest Heroes".

The Infinites assemble as needed to deal with threats both local and multiversal in nature. The lineup changes (sometimes from arc to arc) with a few core/anchor characters remaining constant as determined by Vigil, the enigmatic and Messianic founder and leader of the team.

This kind of flexibility and fluidity in the lineup allows for the incorporation of new characters, ideas, and direction on an ongoing basis. Currently, the team boasts members created by yours truly as well as figures loaned to me by fellow pros and from mythology and public domain characters. So, the possibilities are pretty much...infinite.

The main series take place within a Bronze Age Marvel sort of context and the visuals cue from that. Big influences: Byrne, Starlin, Adams, Perez, Buscema, Broderick, Golden....you know, the greats of the 70's. This is the sort of visuals that I am looking for, strong, clean smooth lines. I am sure you get (or can draw) the picture. If you ink your own work competently as well, all the better but it is not necessary.

Currently, I am working on 4 (or maybe more) follow-up titles that take place within the context of The Infinites Omniverse. One is a maxi-series of 12 issues featuring a character named Analog that takes place a generation before the events of the main series. Two others are giant sized one-shots taking place in the current timeline of The Infinites. Both are slated for 48 pages. The last is a four issue miniseries split into a sixteen-page main story for the first three issue with an eight-page backup origin story. The last issue is 24 pages of the main story. And this is just the current run of stuff and tip of the iceberg.

Now as to what I am looking for in a collaborator? Well, an equal risk for (more than) equal reward. I am looking for an artist who has the chops, that professional ethic and execution to get things done on time and with consistency from panel to panel and page to page. You must understand sequential art, of course, and storytelling.

If possible I would like to work in a back and forth Marvel style but, if need be, I can go the full script route with discussions. Optimally I would like someone with their own creative vision which could then become vested as part of The Infinites Omniverse. Bring your ideas and you will find an interested and receptive collaborator here.

As for publishing, I have strong relationships with a variety of publishers. They are not the concern, the right partner for the job is.

Is that you? I would certainly hope so!

There is much more that could be said but for further discussion or questions please feel free to contact me at the email below.

If interested, please feel free to contact me at imaginautt08@gmail.

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