View Full Version : Colorist for Omegan Chronicles

Red Skew
06-19-2017, 09:55 PM
The first 4 chapters of the Hiro Unlimited graphic novel, The Omegan Chronicles are finished inking(The first two chapters are colored). We are in need of a colorist to join our team to take over coloring for Chapters 3-6. This will be 150 pages of work.

Page rate is $30 per page. A total of $4500 for the 150 pages to color.

Payment will be through PayPal within 72 hours of approving and receiving all final hi-res pages in tiff format, that I am able to view and download. Timeline, 18 to 24 months. Specifics of payment and file formatting to be discussed on an individual basis.

The first two chapters of Omegan Chronicles appeared in the Hiro Unlimited anthology Force Galaxia. www.facebook.com/forcegalaxia

Please send links to sequential samples to forcegalaxia@msn.com

Thank you!

Andre Owens