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06-14-2017, 07:10 PM
Greetings All~

Alter Boys is the first in a series about a group that is applying vigilante justice to phedophile priests and other religious criminals.

The book is 45 pgs. and the script is done.
We are looking to begin commissioning as soon as we find the right artist.

Our budget is $75 ~ $90 per page including art, ink, color & lettering. We are willing to consider an artist/inker but plan to do the book in stages: design, roughs, final pencils, inks... etc. and will break up the page rate accordingly.

We will pay via paypal in weekly enstalmments as pages move through the pipeline.
Work will be delivered 11x17 300dpi via dropbox.

About Us...
I am a filmmaker, my partners, Michael & Brian are writers. This project was conceived as a TV series but we now feel we will have more freedom if we self publish as a Graphic Novel.

As a point of reference please check out El Nino published by Humanoid. This is the type of work we're looking to produce.


If you're interested in submitting please send a link to your work. We will be inviting those that excite us to do a couple sample pages.

Email links to: JonCScheide@yahoo.com

Thank you, in advance, for your work and consideration.


06-28-2017, 09:00 PM
We got some amazing submissions. Thank you to everyone who shared their work.

We are reviewing the work and we be making a selection soon.
Once we start looking for the right colorist, we will post for that.

Thanks again
Jon, Michael, Brian