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06-13-2017, 05:33 AM
Background on me
I'm self-funding this project and the money has already been put aside. I would love to find a colourist with whom I can form a great working relationship, on this and potential future projects. If you are interested please read further.

Background on project
I have obtained the rights to adapt a short story about the future of earth and humanity into graphic novel format. The story spans the period from the near future to the very far future. The story is broken up into 10 sections of about 6 pages per section. The total page count stands at 80 pages currently, which includes inter chapter sections. I have found a great artist who has already completed the line work for 1 of the 10 chapters.

What I'm looking for
A realistic style will be required for this project. A recent example of a project that closely resembles what I have in mind is Habitat by Simon Roy. Iím open to stylistic suggestions. The art has very strong crisp lines. Watercolour, pastel or flat-colouring would work well. Some examples of what Iím looking for include:
-Simon Roy, Habitat
-Moebius, almost anything heís done
-Bengal, Luminae
-Dave Steward, Batman Snow, Big Guy and Rusty the Robot, Shaolin Cowboy, Rumble
Delivery of between 4-8 pages per month or as the line work becomes available.
The project includes illustrating various landscapes, cityscapes, people and animals etc. There are various montages that show the passage of time. You need to be able to do lighting effects, fire and smoke, different times of day, sunrises and sunsets as well as stars and space scenes. Iím also considering the idea of having a different colour palette/theme for each chapter.
Although I would like to do this in a realistic style there is a margin for a colouristís own style.

Upload types
Getting a 600dpi TIFF document to me in whatever way you find convenient will form the final output, although Dropbox is preferred. If you work in Photoshop and can retain the original PSD format then even better.
Pages must be coloured, complete and ready for lettering.

What constitutes completion
I will send you the completed inked pages to colour and you will need to submit a thumbnail suggestion of how you intend to colour the page, once I agree with the thumbnail you can proceed to complete the final page.
When you have let me know via e-mail that a page has been delivered and I am able to open it you submit a PayPal invoice and I will commence with payment for that page.

The page rate I'm offering is $35 (USD). I will pay the PayPal fees.

Payment terms
After completed pages have been received, payment will be made using PayPal within 48 hours.

Successful artists will be required to sign a work-for-hire agreement.

What to send
Please send examples of your sequential artwork to the listed e-mail address. Please try and include examples of the specific attributes outlined in this post. If you can include any professional references as well that would be greatly appreciated. I prefer attachments to links.
To ensure that your submission gets considered please include the term 'Shoggoth' in the subject line of your e-mail.
Shortlisted colourists may be asked to complete a test page to get a feeling for how their style will work with the project.

Contact E-mail

Twitter (https://twitter.com/MarcuKnoesen)
Wormlamp (http://wormlamp.com/)
Project Log (https://next10billion.wordpress.com/)

07-06-2017, 06:17 AM
Hi guys, thanks to everyone who responded so far. I will be closing the applications in a week's time and beginning the difficult process of sifting through all the amazing submissions.


07-13-2017, 04:43 PM
Wow, thanks guys. I have been overwhelmed by the quantity AND quality of the responses. There is an amazing amount of talent represented here on the forum. I will be responding further via e-mail.

I will no longer be accepting any applications. Thanks again to everybody who responded.