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06-07-2017, 04:37 PM
I have 22 penciled pages drawn by Neil D'Monte. I need a digital inker to produce clean ink lines over the pencils, with no changes to the artwork, as work for hire -- I own the resulting work product in exchange for consideration of payment. I do not want any significant artistic changes to the pages.

I will pay $15/page by PayPal or Venmo if the work can be completed at the rate of 10 pages per week or greater with all work completed by June 23, 2017. If the work is not completed, rate goes down to $10/page if all completed by June 30, $5/page if all completed by July 7, no payment if completed after that date. Pages must be sent as they are completed, and will be paid individually within 2 days of electronic delivery. Must be delivered in 600 dpi LZW-compressed TIF, b/w, 11x17 size.

Contact: mark.write.now@gmail.com - Include a link to your inking portfolio where I can examine samples of your work. Include at least one contact for a person you have worked for as an artist. http://facebook.com/markle333/. I am currently in the coloring class at Meltdown comics with Chris Northrop. Travis Ames is also working on this project. I am friends on Facebook with Brandon Easton (MASK) and others in the comic book industry. This is a business for me. I will keep up my end of our professional agreement. I need an inker who will do the same. A contract will be provided to sign by e-mail. It will be easier for me to work with someone local in the Los Angeles area, but I will consider people in other locations.


06-12-2017, 01:32 PM
I have received a lot of replies. I think I have decided to go with the inks I have. Please do not send me e-mail now. E-mails received after this date/time will be deleted. 2017-06-12 09:30 PDT

07-06-2017, 06:22 PM
I realize that this was a low rate for people in the U.S. I got a lot of foreign applicants, some of whom had very good art in their portfolios. Other applicants proposed higher rates, which is totally fair. I decided to go with a person in the states who charges more.

I was told by Chris, who works for major companies here in L.A., that payment drops for late work is very typical for major companies, to prevent the flake effect. I meant no insult to anyone with those terms. I received a series of very angry e-mails today from a member of the forum saying that my terms and price were ridiculous, and how he is so cool because he owns a house and once worked with someone 20 years ago who went on to write for Marvel, how it takes him 7 hours to do a page, etc. (It seems to take my inker about 2, and he's doing great work.)

Honestly, if you don't like this ad, you have the option to ignore it. And since I'm not hiring anymore, there's no reason to contact me at all. Thank you and have a nice day.