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05-30-2017, 11:13 PM
Hello! I'm looking for a colorist. This will be an Historical Fiction series that takes place in Ancient Greece during the Peloponnesian War. The series could run indefinitely, but right now I am focused on the first issue to use as a pitch through crowdfunding, and then possibly publishers.

Wait a minute: haven't I seen this before? Yes, you may have. I have posted previously on digitalwebbing. I had some false starts with different artists, but I am now VERY happy with my current collaborator. So now I'm back looking for a colorist who fits with the art.

I am paying $25 per page for coloring. I expect that we'll have a dialog throughout the process, and I will offer input when you send over a lo-res first draft. Also, I will supply you with as many sample images as I can to help with historical artifacts and accuracy (though unfortunately (or fortunately?) much of the coloring of artifacts and architecture of the time has been erased by time! This is fiction, but I want to be as historically accurate as we can, while of course filling in the holes of history with our own ideas.

Payment will be sent through Paypal within 48 hours of each page's final acceptance. (If Paypal doesn't work, talk to me about another option.) Final pages should be submitted as 400 dpi TIFF files. Dimensions should be 6.85 in. x 10.5 in. (Since this will likely be our first time working together, I'm happy to send half payment on delivery of lo-res colors.)

The Story
The series is called POLIS, and it will focus on the events of the latter half of the Peloponnesian War (big war between Athens and Sparta, and their allies, taking place about 60 years after the Persian Wars - i.e., 300, etc.). This was a war that lasted thirty years, nasty, like a civil war. Lots of atrocities. Where 300 shows the brotherhood and heroism of war, I hope for Polis to show that war is hell, full of backstabbing and corruption.

Polis begins in 416 BCE - ten years of the war, and about 8 years of a false peace have already happened. The spine of our story is the character of Alcibiades, an Athenian politician and general, who will soon bring Athens and Sparta back to war. However, when he is brought up on false charges by the Athenians, he will flee and offer his services to Sparta.

But all of that is in the future. Issue #1 - the pages we will be dealing with - will focus on the Olympic Games of 416 BCE, where Alcibiades shows the Greek world (and the reader) what kind of man he is.

About me
My name is Jave Galt-Miller, and I work in TV as an associate producer. I am also the creator/writer of a graphic novel: Lesbian Zombies from Outer Space. And yes, it's completely different in genre and tone from my current ambition.

You can check out some of the art, and stuff about me, on the website: www.lesbianzombies.com

Ancient Greek history has been a passion of mine for years. First interested in the story of Socrates, from there I got hooked on the character of Alcibiades (look him up) and the devastation of the Peloponnesian War - which pretty much ended things for the ancient world's most famous democracy.

Please send links to samples (sequential samples please) to welllightedfilm@gmail.com. Do not send attachments. I look forward to the collaboration!


Jave Galt-Miller

And here's a sample of the art you'll be working on:


06-14-2017, 12:58 PM
Thanks for all of the submissions! As always, there is a lot of great talent here.

I have found someone who will be perfect for the job. Further submissions are now closed.