View Full Version : Spawn Pages!

05-19-2017, 08:13 PM
Hey folks,

Here's five pages I just finished of SPAWN!

Any critiques or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!







05-20-2017, 07:38 PM
so theres so crazy stuff goin on.. I have some thoughts..

first..did you do this ALL? meaning, this is the inker showcase, but are you the penciller as well? this is all you from the start to finish?

there is crazy amounts of detail going on...you draw like every brick and window and everything. that's really cool.
some nice shot choices in places.

but also some not so good shot choices.
I think there is a little bit to much "style" going on, trying to make the pages artsy and different, in ways that don't actually help anything and end up detracting from the overall flow. id say simplify a bit more on panel layouts and stuff like that.

that last shot of spawns head on page one looks really weird and his head all misshapen.

the next big shot of spawn is interesting, but to me it looks like he tripped and is falling off the roof.

the fighting storytelling is kinda confusing.
that shot of him pointing the guns right at us don't look anything like the guns hes holding in the previous shot...

some perspective issues.

but really, the detail is amazing and the inking is super slick and its obvious a lot of love and care went into these. id love to see more