View Full Version : LAIR Kickstarter: 13 HOURS TO GO!

05-14-2017, 11:13 AM

Calling all comic book geeks, priests, demons, crowdfunders, family and friends! Help us breathe LAIR to life with the power of Kickstarter! :har:

A sizzling bright flash. A portion of a New York City 6 train toppled on its side, resting on a shiny hieroglyphical surface. The tail end of the subway car, torn like cardboard. Ghoulish shadows of strange winged beasts glide across the dented train hull. Three survivors are onboard. A snarky female college student, a rattled female nurse, and ANGELO CRUZ, a brazen off-duty cop who desperately wants to find the love of his life, he just so happened to have scorned, only moments ago-- oblivious that he’s actually been summoned to the most dangerous place not of this world: LAIR!

With your backing, this 60 page graphic novel can become something amazingly tangible.

Writer - G. Deltrez
Inker - S. Navas
Colorist - D. Comodo