View Full Version : Sequential artist need for BW 20 page short for designer toy release

05-13-2017, 07:47 AM
Hello me name is Terrence Thompson, I am currently designing and producing my own line of
designer toys.



Deadline oriented artist needed for bonus content
for my release in 2017. The style of art is anime fusion.
(google original Playstation 1 game Xenogears and Final Fantasy 7
concept art for a precise picture) You will be required to precisely
interpret my designs and layouts into dynamic polished (google the
anime REDLINE screenshots for a clear picture) (mastery of dynamic
foreshortening is a must)
Must have online dispaly of work with no less than 15 sequential art
pages under your belt.
Must have extensive knowledge of drawing and sequential art depiction
MECHA (Giant Robots)!!!
50$ per page of full interiors completed job 1000$ (1-3) pages per month
Invoice will contain specific page(s) title and page number
Payment is processed via paypal
Length of job: is 30 days (7-10) days per page
Completion of job is to submitted 1200 dpi pdf via email: