View Full Version : Writer looking for Artist(s) for Kickstarter project (just wrapped a succesful KS)

05-12-2017, 01:37 PM

My name is Marco Lopez and I am the co-owner of the website Atomic Rex Entertainment. Where you can find the webcomic Massively Effective, that I describe as Bill and Ted in tights. Also, hosted on the site is my web strip series Orionís Belt that follows a family of adventurers in space and my anthology series A Shot of Whiskey. I've also written for Zenescope Entertainment and Lion Forge Comics.


I recently wrapped a succesful Kickstarter with my colleagues under our imprint Imminent Press. We pulled in over 50% of our initial goal of $4000.


I'm looking to work with an artist (preferably female, but please anyone apply) on the next comic I'd like to Kickstart. This will also be under the Imminent label. I'm looking to do a 40 page one shot that will include two comic book stories. Both taking place in the same world. One a 18 page scifi/fantasy romcom and the other a 20 page romcom that takes place in a barcade.

The Kickstarter will be used to raise funds to pay for pencil/ink fees, printing costs, lettering and colors for the cover and any additional items (such as other rewards, etc.). The comic will be black and white. So, I am looking for an artist that can handle pencil and inks.

I'm looking to pay (once the KS is successful) $25 a page and $50 for the cover. The scripts for each story are finished and you would just have to do some designs and draw 3 pages (from each story) to go along with the KS. If the KS is successful then payment will be made to you via Paypal.

If interested please email me at marco@atomicrexentertainment.com with attached samples of your sequential work or links to said sequential pages.