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05-03-2017, 11:25 AM
I'm Delila. I'm an ex-ballerina, sometimes actress turned storyteller. Here's my directing reel https://vimeo.com/199680937
I have been working with my writing partner for quite a long time on my passion project "KT." I now have a very detailed synopsis and that's where you come in.

I need an illustrator/inker/letterer to do five sequential pages at $75 a page (USD).
(If you feel that this project is speaks to you but are more proficient in just illustrating and inking, please let me know in your submission.)

The story: Present tense. Vast, green eco-mall with European charm.
Elements: Present tense sci-fi and crazy mechanisms, cars, animals, landscapes children
People: Yuppy boho's, artists, artisans, scientists, men in black, worker bees, 'regular' townsfolk
Feel: Eerily perfect (Utopia turned dystopia), sometimes ethereal, --- symbolism; darkness under the facade
Most of all: A good handle on the ethnically diverse lead, (similar to artists Afua Richardson and Mildred Louis) who is of mixed-race with a wild mane of crazy curly hair.
Some examples of color that I am drawn to are Ody-C, Bitch Planet and Patience but am interested in other approaches.

I like the idea of a different approach to illustration and presentation, so out of the box is great.
I will ask you to sign non-disclosure and work for hire agreements. (I retain complete ownership of the IP.) After I approve the sketch, you can ink. I am paying via PayPal within 72 hours of approving and receiving all final hi-res pages in tiff format, that I am able to view and download. Timeline, a month to a month and a half.
I'm open to your instincts and ideas to co-create look, feel and how scenes play out. I am looking for someone dependable, professional and communicative.

Please send your portfolio, examples of your sequential artwork (no Manga), comic pages you have worked on, work experience and contact information. (Links only, no attachments.) Professional references are appreciated.
to: team[at]dfactory7[dot]com , subject “KT Art”
I will look at every email.

(I'm also looking for a TITLE page so if you are the same candidate, please let me know.
The rate is $50 for penciled and inked cover with an additional $35 for color. Same agreement as specified above.)

Thank you and looking forward!

05-21-2017, 12:22 PM
Hello everyone.
Thank you so much for sending your amazing work.
I am amazed at how much talent there is and how unique you all are.
I spent weeks staring and staring at my favorites and trying to decide.
Obviously its not a talent thing! So I went with a particular style and have found my artist for KT.
I've saved all of you in a folder because I hope to do other projects in the future. (I have a really cool sci-fi in mind.)
Please take care all. I love your work and am so impressed with you.
Kind regards,