View Full Version : Submissions open for horror anthology

05-02-2017, 03:37 PM
Writers! Artists! Tales from the Tomb is currently holding an open call for submissions.

We've released six horror anthologies. Tales from the Tomb is our new horror anthology and we are looking to create a horror anthology that is similar to the EC classic Tales from the Crypt.

There's no money involved (you will be credited and your property will remain your property--any money made from sales go to recouping printing costs), but if selected, your submission will see print! And we mail all of our contributors a complimentary copy, as well as offering copies at cost.

We are looking for self contained horror stories that are between 2 to 15 pages long and horror pin ups. We will work with writers as well as artists but writers need to have an artist attached to their script as we do not pair creators.

Please email submissions to swamplinecomics@gmail.com

Our previous horror anthologies can be seen here