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05-01-2017, 01:03 AM
I am approaching the end of issue 4 of my personal comic. As I have been studying and preparing to enter my unrelated career, I know that I will have less time to work on my personal comic. I'm looking for someone to add backgrounds to my comic panels digitally after I scan the pages onto my computer. I plan on doing a quick sketch of how the backgrounds should look, but the background artist should be able to perfect and add detail to these very sketchy backgrounds that I sketch. The artist should have a good sense of perspective, dramatic angles, details, etc.

Currently, you can view the comic, Spirit Legends, here:
Issue 1 (http://drewmaru.deviantart.com/gallery/3143930/Spirit-Legends-Issue-1)
Issue 2 (http://drewmaru.deviantart.com/gallery/43323261/Spirit-Legends-Issue-2)
Issue 3 (http://drewmaru.deviantart.com/gallery/50939689/Spirit-Legends-Issue-3)
Issue 4 - Work in Progress (http://drewmaru.deviantart.com/gallery/58053909/Spirit-Legends-Issue-4)

The comic itself has a small fanbase, as it is not very well known. However, it is currently being animated into a motion comic, and the first two episodes can be seen here (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLn4NfsYzRWhrPIDNf77qb4mjcAnB0JIm3). Issues are available to purchase online along with free downloads, and I find people are still downloading the comics here and there.

If you are interested in joining this project that I am attempting to buildinto something big, send some samples of digital background art to drewmaru@gmail.com. Remember, the background art should fit with the style of the series, and the characters should not clash with the style.

Potential Pay:
I am considering paying the artist once I get into my planned career in the coming months, but at the moment, it is not something that I can promise. As such, I will be posting this in the paid work section as well, but noting the same information.