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04-30-2017, 11:18 AM
Hi i'm new here and would like to share my project.
I'm an aspiring manga artist and my manga/comic is called "Kasai". As a genre I think it would best fit under action, adventure and mystery as it will feature a group of friends going on a journey to achieve their dreams and unravel various secrets while battling different kind of foes.

Here's a basic description of it:
"Things will never be the same for Kasai, a young man whose destiny doesn't seem too bright. An ordinary life is no longer an option when he finds out about the secrets of magic and the dark truth about his father. Join him in his quest for magic as he finally engages into friendship and adventure with one simple dream: becoming the world's greatest magician."

As for the art, you can find below examples of cover art, actual pages from the manga/comic and finally an illustration of the main character (the quality may be a bit low here on the forums):

So if you want to read my manga you can find all chapters (there are 7 currently) on my deviantart page: http://kasaimanga.deviantart.com/

And if you like my work and would like to support me you can do it here:
Thank you!