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04-28-2017, 10:51 AM
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The Kickstarter for BaadFood #1 launched on Saturday the 22nd of April, with art from Angelo Dazo famous for Deadpool: Merc With A Mouth and Thunderbolts, colouring from Davi Comodo (BSG: Starbuck), lettering from Ken Reynolds (Sliced Quarterly and Cognition) and writing from myself. It is going to last for 30 days in total and we're 6 days in at the moment.

The story follows two music obsessed, human standard, twenty somethings, Roy and Kev, who find themselves stuck working in a government job scheme amongst robots, altered humans, machine intelligences and an ageing population that have taken all the best jobs.

An unfortunate set of events leads the protagonists to become poster boys for a group of neu-human extremists who want to evolve all humans, and destroy the sentient machines sharing the planet. Roy and Kev are the fulcrum the rest of the series unfolds around.

Check out the project here... http://kck.st/2oPMxv4

We’re crowdsourcing money to get an audience, put finishing touches to the internal art, print the first issue and complete the front and back covers.

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