View Full Version : Writer seeking artist for proposal/possible series

04-17-2017, 10:58 AM
Hello all,
I'm trying to put together a proposal for comic companies and need an artist to attach to the project. I currently have the entire series mapped out along with a two-page summary and a one-page summary ready to put together with five pages of sample art and a sample cover to send to Image and Boom and whatever other creator-owned companies may be interested. Unfortunately, since I'm a freelance writer working on spec, I don't presently have the funds to pay for an artist, but if the comic is picked up, I'm sure we can work something out. If it isn't picked up then you can feel free to move on to something else or perhaps we can find another project to work on.

A little more about myself, so you know I mean business, I have an MFA in Writing and seven books published, one adult novel and one six-book YA series, with another six-book series on the way. All of my books so far have been released through independent publishers, and none have been self-published (nothing against self-published authors, just haven't done if yet myself). If no artist is found I still plan to write this story, but as a novel instead of a comic book.

Since I do plan to make this story either way, I'd rather not give out too much about the plot at this point except to say that it focuses on a religious cult in the present day. I have a twelve-issue structure in mind with an ending, but am open to suggestions. In terms of art, I envision a nuanced, character-focused style emphasizing unspoken emotion with occasional flashes of bombast. Picture something closer to The Walking Dead than superhero comics. I also have ideas about color, if there is color. I'll provide more details when necessary. Sorry for being vague but I'd rather be unclear than broadcast my concept to strangers on the internet (and can you really blame me for that?).

If interested please message me at jmskcomics(at)gmail(dot)com (brand new account made just for this project, who wants to be first?). I'd like to see a few sample pages of sequential art to decide if the style is right for the series, then we can converse and see if we can work together. It's a bit of a crapshoot posting here but what the hell, we may both get lucky.