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04-16-2017, 02:13 AM
Experienced writer seeking aspiring artist for an Image submission.

Who am I?
- A twice-published non-fiction author with honorable mentions in a few short story contests.
- An experienced comics writer with a solid understanding of the comics medium and how not just to work with an artist, but to co-create material that excites and fulfills them both personally and professionally.
- A guy who's had contract offers to publish a title I co-created with another artist, but ultimately decided to turn down based on the profit margin.
- A professional who's in this to succeed and get ahead in the business. That means getting both myself and my creative team recognized and paid.

Who are you?
- An artist with the talent to make the leap to a regular title with Image, but who hasn't found a good enough writer with a good enough story.
- Someone who's tired of working commissions on fanboy projects you know aren't going anywhere. You became an artist to see your name on the cover of books at your local store, not to do another drawing of Batman fighting Wolverine at NobodyCaresCon.
- Someone with a creative fire. You're not satisfied with what's out there, and the egotist inside you says you can do better. You don't want to just work on another issue of Deadpool. You want to make the next 'Walking Dead'.

What is the story?
It's a little bit of Westworld, a little bit of Taboo, and a little bit Game of Thrones. Set in a fantasy landscape, a master thief assembles a team for the ultimate heist. His objective is a device that can turn any object into gold, but the odds of snatching it and escaping the deathtrap-laden fortress in which it resides are slim. The most nefarious and cunning groups of assassins, witches, goblins, bards, pirates, and barbarians have tried to steal it 52 times. And in each attempt, they've all been slaughtered by the king who possesses the device. Only our protagonist knows this. He's been the leader of each of those 52 groups and no combination of talents has worked yet. Each time he dies, he reincarnates at the beginning of his venture 12 days earlier. Each time he awakens in his recent past, he could walk away from the job. He can't bring himself to do it, though, because the one thing that keeps causing him to abandon the heist and his accomplices to their doom is also the actual object of his desire-- something worth more than all the gold in the world.

This is a story that opens with lots of intrigue, action, and character dynamics. From there it expands into broader plots and deeper mysteries. If you like creating environments or have a strong desire to design new characters in a book that doesn't stagnate, you'll love this project.

Interested parties please email me at joecoop1980@gmail.com. I'd like to see some covers, sequentials, and character designs (any genre). Here's to making the big break.