View Full Version : Illustrator/colors wanted, 1540$ for 22 pages

03-28-2017, 09:45 AM
Hi There - I'm looking to hire someone to illustrate and color a 22 page comic book, for 70$ per page.

There are a couple parts to this. Initially I will pay for five (5) pages of work, which I will use to promote a Kickstarter to raise funds for the rest of the comic. Then we will do a seperate contract for the remaining seventeen (17) pages.

The initial contract will be payable upon delivery of all five pages. The second contract will be paid out 10% at signing, and 90% upon delivery of all seventeen remaining pages. I will send you the contract and maybe scetches of compositions, which you are free to use or ignore. You will send me your preliminary compositions for approval, and I will have another opportunity to request changes after you send a finished page. Changes after that can be negotiated depending on how much work I'm asking for.

5 pages at 70$ each = 350$ paid after approval of finished pages

and then after a Kickstarter,

17 pages at 70$ each = 1190$, 10% paid after signing an agreement, 90%
paid after approval of finished pages.

Total amount for the artist is 1540$ by the end of it.

Pages will be delivered as 300 dpi LZW-compressed TIFs. Illustrator files would be appreciated, in case I need to alter something in the course of lettering. I wouldn't alter any art without contacting and consulting you beforehand.

I will generally send money as soon as the above requirements are met, but officially I will send money within one week of completing a step. I am open to sending money via whatever method works best. I am exploring other options but we can use PayPal if I can't find anything else agreeable to us both. In the past I've found PayPal fees pretty steep, but hey.

Last year I launched a Kickstarter to fund a printing of the first issue, where I raised over 200% of my goal. I've taken the comic to conventions and shows and have had a really good response. Right now the artist from issue one has too much work on her plate to do this, so I'm looking for someone new to pick up where she left off. Please read issue one of the comic (for free) at www.kingdomofdogcomic.com and observe the style and quality of the illustrations. You will need to produce work as good or better, and you will have to follow the established style. I realize, and embrace, that your take will look different. It just needs to live in the same world as what's already there. I won't post the artist's contact info here, but I can provide it to you if you want to ask her about me.

After reviewing your samples, I may ask for a small commission to demonstrate your take on the existing characters and setting. We can negotiate that according to what I'm asking for.

After reading issue one of the comic, please send me examples of your SEQUENTIAL work. Pin ups are fine too as long as you also send me SEQUENTIAL samples. Send me as much as you want. More is better. Links only, no PDFs or anything I have to download.

Email me here: kingdomofdogcomic@gmail.com

In brief, Kingdom of Dog is about a post-human future where dogs worship absent humans like grim medieval zealots while cybernetically modified pigs scavenge old human technology. The brave, sensitive and keenly-nosed Squire Hound is the unlikely lynchpin of a grand crusade against the hogs to recover a cryogenically frozen human infant. Meanwhile, the mysterious Vermin watch from every blackened nook of cracked concrete.

It's about the nature of violence, the value of loyalty, the fallability of Masters, the gullability of the mastered, and how easy victims can become victimizers, with the POV firmly rooted in the psyche of dogs, given time to develop human-style culture. It's funny when the pigs swear and the dogs wear armor, but it's not funny when they're disembowling each other.

I will do my best to reply to every submission, so please fire away.