View Full Version : New Adult Anthology-Submissions.

Red-X Comics
03-24-2017, 07:24 PM
Red-X Comics is set to launch its first anthology and is looking for talented creators who are currently working in the adult/erotic comic arena. We are looking for short complete pieces, although all scripts and artists interested are welcome to apply to as there is a team of talent that could bring your vision to life. This is a privately funded anthology to launch with a view to paying creator for future works. However, the initial volumes will be unpaid, but you will have the printed credit, and also be given a print copy of any work you appear in.

The books will also require pinups in the adult/erotic genre.

Please note, this is a showcase for the best work in this often maligned field, it is not a cheap pornographic magazine, and although all tastes and fetishes are welcome in submissions, any illegal or underage representations will NOT be tolerated.

All submissions to redxcomic@gmail or send a private message with links or samples through this forum.

Thank you.
Red-X Comics