View Full Version : Writer searching for Artist Collab/Advice

03-19-2017, 07:33 PM
Hi there,

I used to be a Web series Producer and have now decided to go into comic books. I'm in the process of creating an "Archie" inspired type universe - family comedy featuring LGBT characters.

I'm searching for a team or an artist/per project (comic book) who'd be interested in an ongoing, self published project, where we'd split the profits, with the possibility of royalties.

This is not a requirement at all, but I'm particularly interested in seeing portfolios/working with artists who are women, LGBT, and minorities, though if you're interested, feel free to send your portfolio.

My Web site is www dot chrislilly dot tv to learn more about me.
My email is chrislillytv at gmail dot com

Feel free to send me any questions. Since I'm new at this, any advice would be appreciated.