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03-19-2017, 07:28 PM
My name is Isaac Shapiro. I'm a writer looking for a talented artist to collaborate with. I've done a few comic projects in the past which you can check out here: http://shonenking.com

Recently I've wanted to start getting into the world of webtoons as seen on Tapastic and Line Webtoon. I've dabbled my toes in it with another comic webtoon project and I've been greatly pleased with the reception I've had. You can check it out here: http://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/heart-of-the-hollow/list?title_no=24227

The big problem is the artist I'm working with for Heart of the Hollow is an old friend and someone who's extremely slow in regards of drawing. I've grown impatient waiting for his very slow stream of progress to capitalize on the initial success. So I'm looking to branch out and find a new artist to collaborate on a new webtoon project.

Here is my plan for compensation. I want to start a patreon for the comic in question. Line Webtoons has built in patreon functionality so if you can work fast and consistently hopefully over time we can amass a decent amount of money to reward you for your hard work. For a webtoon to get attention the artwork needs to be good and it needs to be in color. Which can be a lot to ask for. That is why I'm willing to give you the choice of the potential project to work on with something that will hopefully suite your potential artistic strengths. Listed below are some comic story idea pitches that I'd like to do as a new webtoon. If interested look through them email me at Isaac.Shapiro@gmail.com with a link to your portfolio of artwork and let me know which one interests you (assuming you are interested in collaborating)

Bag Limit: The United States has begun to spiral out of control. Once satisfied to staying away from cities, rural hunters have begun taking destination hunting trips into the cities. While this brutal practice is completely illegal, the government ignores it with a wink and a nod as hunters go out to bag as many cucks and snowflakes as possible. Now it is almost impossible to be sure if you’re walking towards a popup gastrobar or a hunting blind. In a fit of concern trolling, Republican lawmakers introduce a bill to licence “red hat heroes” to police the cities with murder rates that have spiraled out of control without any interest in the root cause even going so far as to implement a total kill limit that each hunter can have.

Stone Hearth: A comic focused on the game Hearthstone in the style of yu-gi-oh following a set of fantasy characters as they compete in tournaments to prove who is the best there can be.

Hollywood Planet: In the not-too-distant future a set of totalitarian aliens invade earth and nearly decimate mankind, but before they can systematically eliminate the Human race they discover the treasure trove of human culture. Books, movies, music, comics, theatre, the aliens themselves are extremely literal and have no culture of their own so they spare earth and the human race, but on on condition. The entire planet is now a gigantic entertainment factory with every single human being having their entire existence devoted towards endlessly producing amusement for their totalitarian rulers looking to stay alive in a cut throat system where their ability to keep on working and produce content is the only thing that keeps them alive.

Mountaineers of Madness: Around the 1940’s tears open up in space time allowing gigantic lumbering lovecraftian monstrosities from other dimensions to slip through. These creatures are large mountain sized monstrosities that lumber their way through anything with no consideration for the measly ants below. The only thing stopping them when their paths cross between major populated areas are a special breed of explorers who seek to climb these behemoths in hopes o reaching the summit and taking them down with explosives. These individuals are known as the Mountaineer of Madness.

World War Pocket Monster: Imagine a world without weapons, but everyone has access to dangerous pokemon esque creatures. These are the stories of the most brutal war anyone has ever seen and the men/ women and their best furried friends who died by their side.

Wacky Beast Chronicles: In a post apocalyptic future a ravaged by war and magic a skeleton and a lobster search for the promised land with the help of their trusty cyborg gorilla compatriot/ monkey servant they wonder into a crazy world that they don’t understand as they try to survive amidst crazy terrors like vicious clown dinosaurs and a rogue tribe of cyber apes.

Killer College: In a world where being a movie style serial killer is an actual profession aspiring murderer’s go to high education to learn their trade. But even in this ridiculous world of professional murder’s is divided by economic class. The lowbrow b-level style villains (The Michael Myers, Chuckies, and Leatherface's) are forced to attend under funded community killer colleges while the upper crust killers (Hannibal Lecter, John Doe, Norman Bates) attend an elite university where they learn to apply literary symbolism to their craft. This is the story of an unlikely friendship between one of the high brow killers and his community college brethren as they break down barriers of their class.

Mike Mcguffin: They say every great story always starts with a Mcguffin. Mike Mcguffin was born into the long standing Mcguffin clan. While Mike just wants to live out the normal existence of regular high school teenager his ties to the Mcguffin clan mean he will always be stuck stumbling into ancient cursed amulets or finding secrete documents, or discovering legendary swords and being drawn into adventures that he’s always forced to start. Always making trouble for his long standing crush Satomi Hiro. Part of the legendary Hero family, Satomi is always forced to have to clean up the mess of whatever story Mike starts. Because whatever a Mcguffin begins a Hiro must finish.

Necronauts: The world of faith and science collides as scientists finally crack the code to travel into the afterlife. Across the world, a new space race is occurring as the US and Russia compete to see who can be the first to unlock whatever technological advances might be learned by studying the afterlife. But as morality is thrown out in pursuit of scientific progress, there might be more at stake for the men and women who volunteer to put their lives on the line to explore this new frontier.

Grandpa Seth: Everyone loves visiting their Grandpa. Unless he’s Grandpa Seth. This double centenarian has managed to survive based on sheer spite and malice. Grandpa Seth believes the final great war is coming where all of America’s enemies will team up for one final push to conquer the country and he’s damned sure he’s not going to let any grandson of his puss out before he’s ready to face the cyber lobsterbacks or the undead nazs looking to take back America… assuming his grandson survives Grandpa Seth himself.

Cryptid Cage: A snallygaster is a cryptid native to the state of Maryland in the United States, and it looks like a giant half bird half reptile monster with a beak full of razor sharp teeth and octopus tentacles. It’s eternal enemy is the Dwayyo, a bushy tailed bipedal were-wolf like monster. And then there’s the Goat man, a literal half man half goat that attacks people on wooded roads in the middle of the night. And that’s only one state. Now imagine trying to catch one of these things and pit them against other challengers in a state to state cryptic cock fighting challenge with tons of money at stake. It’s like pokemon only using the most insane creatures of legend in a no hold barred deathmatch.

Waifu Wars: In the far future huge corporations spend billions of dollar to create new artificial intelligence companions that serve as your companions on your phone and on your desktop. But things have accelerated with the advent of Hatsune Miku the world understood that the best thing that could be done to advance the corporate cause of selling new software was to create cute anime avatars of each AI assistant. And so begins the embittered corporate waifu wars as the futuristic versions of corporations like Apple, Microsoft, and Sony compete to develop the ultimate waifu in order to dominate the electronic landscape.

Project Epsilon: Epsilon is one of the most popular MMO’s ever seen. But in truth what it really is is a government program to find a select group of gamers with the necessary reflexes and critical thinking skills to pilot a new wave of combat drones against an interdimensional threat of invaders from a parallel universe. Now these gamers will have to take their raid skills and put them to the ultimate test because if they wipe so does their city and maybe the rest of the world.