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03-18-2017, 08:56 AM
A Little Bit About Me...

I'm the writer of two digital comics series that can be found on Comixology Submit, TEMPLATE and Xeno Trip. TEMPLATE, in particular, was a 2013 & 2014 Comixology Submit best-seller. You can find out more about my work at my website (http://www.qamcomics.com/) or on Comixology (https://www.comixology.com/QAM-Comics/comics-publisher/718-0).

I've also got some professional game writing experience under my belt, having written/contributed to scripts for a number of mobile games based on popular licensed brands for companies like Nickelodeon (iCarly Mobile) and Take-Two Interactive (Army Men: Mobile Ops).

The Project...

The project is a grounded crime thriller series with science fiction leanings. I'm seeking a cover artist for three issues.

The Pay and Rights...

This project has a guaranteed rate of $50/page for a pencilled and inked cover, with the colors having a $35/page rate on top of that. This would strictly be a work for hire project, and as such I would retain complete ownership of the IP.

Payment will be made by PayPal within 24 hours of approving hi-res covers in TIF format. Via email or file sharing service (whichever we agree upon).

What Type Of Artists Am I Looking For?

I'm looking for a cover artist with a similar style to the interior artist, which again, has a grounded tone. Think Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips's Criminal.

Generally, I'm looking for someone who loves what they do and are serious about it. They're dependable, can stay on schedule and has an open line of communication at all times. I take the "team" part of creative team very seriously, and we'll be working together for a lenghty period, so professionalism is a must.

The Deadlines...

I'm aiming to launch this series in April or May and you'll always have the cover scripts as the interiors are being worked on, so ASAP is what I'm looking for here. In general, if you've got other projects going on while doing this, let me know upfront!

Still reading?

Send a small summary about yourself along with links to samples of your work, or any queries, to qamcomics@gmail.com.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!