View Full Version : Team looking for letterer for ongoing series

02-22-2017, 09:40 PM
Hello, everyone, how are you? I´m M.A. writer of The Simple Art of Murder, comic series currently published by WP Comics. We´re looking right now for a letterer with the right amount of enthusiasm to give us a hand with our project.
We´ve already published the first issue, but unfortunately our letterer had to leave us and now we´re on the need for someone to give us a hand on the second issue.
Right now neither my partner nor myself have the enough income to pay a rate, but that doesn´t mean we´re not willing to as soon as our work pays up.
Please send us a message and some of your work to lennon.skywalker94.19@gmail.com so we can give a good look to it and we can get to a nice arrangement.