View Full Version : Artist wanted for 8 pg + cover submission. Dark Fantasy Comic

02-21-2017, 05:05 PM
Amateur screenwriter here looking to submit a proposal to Image Comics that would not be feasible in another medium. The submission would be free but I am looking for a long-term artist if it is picked up with either a 50/50 profit split or 150-200$ per page.

About the work:

Medieval-ish fantasy world. Dark. Gritty. Realized and full of horror and wonder. Constrained magic, though "magic" a bit of a misnomer. Perhaps most important to the artist: there is a perpetual darkness to a large part of the world where there is no sun and only secondary sources of light will be illuminating characters and environment. There is also a prevalent fog to this part of the world, so a digital painter may be the best candidate for the job.The submission (~8 pages) will take place in this darkness with torches and candles serving as the only sources of light.

Human interaction is centerfold but being able to draw horrific creatures, large and small, is essential as they are a backdrop to the 'dark' part of the world.

The script is done. You would be receiving the first eight pages (I use screenplay format but can change if you are unfamiliar) which should be all you need, though I will happily discuss any and all details. I prefer this format as it leaves the artist with their interpretation of the the writing and allows them to decide how and when to panel and consider the layout. I am versed in panel format as well.

If you would be interested in the script and synopsis to make a decision, I will send them your way if you send me a portfolio link to