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02-15-2017, 09:35 PM
Hi, I'm looking for an editor for a comic book project which I'm currently working on. The comic book project is called Gabriel:Witch-Slayer. My writer and I have been working on a comic book project which I have started. Right now, I need a professional editor to look over the plot synopsis of the story just to clean it up. We are planning to submit to a independent comic book publishing company very soon. This a paid gig and the editor would be credited for the project as well. I'm willing to paid 150.00 dollars just to revise it and we can always re-negotiate the rate. I can only accept payments through Paypal. Ask any questions if you like and have a resume with credits that you have done as well for the work you have done in the comic book industry. Here is my email address:narvaez19792002@yahoo.com. Here is a link to a comic book project which I made as well.