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02-03-2017, 08:54 AM
Hi Everybody! I used to be on this forum years ago but now I'm back! I wanted to share my current project and get your feedback. It's something I'm quite proud of.

A man with a troubled past seeks redemption in the eyes of his small town and family.

I'm currently serializing at www.prideofthedecentman.com and currently in its final chapter.

It will also be available in print later this year.

Here are some sample pages!

Also, a little about me since I'm re-introducing myself;

Trained at Kubert School. Published by Archie Comics, Oni Press, Top Shelf 2.0, Image Comics.

Co-creator and illustrator of She Died In Terrebonne: A Sam Kimimura Mystery with writer Kevin Church. Illustrator of Lost And Found: An Amy Devlin Mystery from Oni Press. Frequent contributor to So Buttons Comics.




03-27-2017, 01:56 PM
Just wanted to give this thread a quick bump and say the story is now complete. :happy:

Also the comic posted on Tapastic as well for those who use that comic portal.

Let me know what you think! Like I mentioned in the first post, this will be published as a hardcover later this year.

https://tapastic.com/series/Pride-Of-The-Decent-Man (https://tapastic.com/series/Pride-Of-The-Decent-Manhttp://)

Or read on its native site here - >> www.prideofthedecentman.com (www.prideofthedecentman.comhttp://)

Here are some more random pages from the comic. :w00t: