View Full Version : White Lily #1 On Kickstarter! Stretch Goal Time!

01-29-2017, 07:30 PM
Hey guys! I know I haven't been able to be active here on the forums, though I keep in touch with many of you on Facebook these days.

A few months ago I started working for a new creator on White Lily, a 5 issue comic miniseries about two real badass women in WWII. These women were fighter pilots who flew for Russia against the Nazis, and they went down in history as the ONLY women to ever earn the title of flying ace (you'll sometimes hear this referred to as "ace fighter pilot").


The creator turned to Kickstarter to help fund the printing of the first issue, which is already complete. I helped him build the campaign and I'm also helping him run it.

We're in the MIDDLE of our campaign, and we've accomplished a lot in just 2 weeks. We've been named a Project We Love by Kickstarter, as well as a Featured Comic Project. AND we reached our goal just a few days ago.

But we can still use your help!

Now that our initial goal of printing the comic has been met, we're headed onwards to stretch goals. Ultimately, we hope to fund the production of #2, but on the way there backers can help us unlock bonus rewards like audiobooks, additional pages for the book (which already contains 22 pages of full colour adventure), and collectibles like exclusive trading cards and original art.

And that's on top of the rewards we're already offering, which include an exclusive variant cover, handmade pens, original pages from the book, even a custom commission from the White Lily penciler (Lovalle Davis) or myself!

Please check us out on Kickstarter. Even if you can't contribute, we would appreciate the help getting the word out through the remainder of our campaign!

White Lily #1 on Kickstarter! (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/254514360/white-lily-miniseries-issue-1-expanded-print-run?ref=cwztup)