View Full Version : Seekinng Artist for Collaboration on Horror Comic

01-27-2017, 02:20 PM
Hey, guys, my name is M.A. Im a writer looking for a partner on crime for a horror comic book. Im attempting to recreate that magic of old 80s Horror Classics, so this is for those Raimi, Carpenter, Argento, Craven and Cronenberg fans out there.

I have the first script done already and Im willing to show it to anyone interested (no obligation for either part). I was looking for someone with a cartoonish and yet creepy style, but Im open for anything.

Im attepting to pitch to different publishers such as Image, Caliber, Dark Horse, or even self-publishing.

Unfortunately, the crisis is strong, so this would be a non paid gig until we get publish (Yeah, Im that confident). After that it would be nice to split any profit 50/50.

If you are any interest please send me a message and a link of your work to: lennon.skywalker94.19@gmail.com and lets see if we can scare the shit outta our readers.

Thank you for your attention. Greetings.