View Full Version : Artist Wanted ($40 per page)

01-26-2017, 04:52 PM
Hello, artists!

I am looking for an artist to do 20 pages of fully-colored sequential artwork as well as a cover image for $40 per page ($80 for the cover).

Costs have been budgeted, I have a paypal account, and will pay by that method within 24 hours of receipt of the 300DPI tiff pages in my email or Dropbox account.

The artwork is for a one-shot. It is a superhero satire action/humor story, so please keep that in mind when submitting.

I have a great deal of information about the project I can share with prospective artists once I've narrowed the field, including a Dropbox folder with character sketches. Please note that being excited about the project isn't a necessity, but I would prefer to work with someone that enjoys the theme of the project and wants to tell the story as much as I do.

Please email me at mikeexner3@gmail.com with links to samples of your work (no attachments, please). Links to my work can be found in my signature.

Thank you in advance to all that apply, and I'll do my best to answer each and every person that does.