View Full Version : Illustrations needed for short story anthology

01-23-2017, 06:45 AM
Fortress Publishing, Inc. is working on the sequel to "TV Gods", an anthology of short stories where the writers take their favorite television show and their favorite mythology and mash them together. In the original anthology (found here: http://fortresspublishinginc.com/index_files/tvg.html ) we had an illustration for each story. We're doing that again.

We're looking for a completed 6"x9" black and white illustration for each story. We'll pay $30 via PayPal for each finished illustration (finished meaning we have a 300dpi file in our email inbox) within 1-5 business days. We know that $30 per illustration isn't a lot, but we are a micro-press publishing company with a micro-press bank account.

Please email samples of your work to: [comicbookmonkeys@yahoo.com]
If we feel your style works with our project, we will contact you and then send you one of the short stories to read and do an illustration for.

The first "TV Gods" anthology was a lot of fun for both the writers and artists, and we expect even more from the sequel.