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01-19-2017, 11:51 AM
looking for an artist to complete (pencils/inks) a 12-issue series (approx 240 pages total) over the next year or so. page rate is $50.00/page, but this is negotiable - we can talk about royalties as well. payment will be made via paypal (in US$) within 3 days of submission (300dpi jpg via dropbox) & approval of every 5 pages.
this project has a publisher and will be distributed. (you can visit http://www.evilmonkeyman.com and/or http://www.monarchcomics.com to check out the project.)
please submit sequential samples only (no or at least minimal pin-ups/covers.)
would like to start soon. we have basic character designs (by Russ Braun well known for "The Boys") but would like to work with our chosen artist to refine and finalize. our preview was drawn by Bong Dazo (well known for "Deadpool" and "Star Wars") but we are looking for someone more along the lines/style of Ben Caldwell or Thiago Vale.
submit with jpegs or a link to nbseals@rocketmail.com

01-23-2017, 07:47 AM
thank you to everyone who submitted
submissions for this position are now closed
I will try to respond to each of you individually as soon as possible
and WOW!
what an amazingly talented group of artists here on digital webbing!

01-23-2017, 12:36 PM
the response to my post was literally quite overwhelming
how exciting to be reviewing portfolios for potential collaborators from around the world!
I am very impressed with digital webbing and the depth of talent here

I want each of you to know that I really looked at every one of your submissions and considered everyone carefully - my decision was based purely on my taste and vision for this particular project - I will be keeping more than a few of your portfolios on file for future projects
I'm posting this note because I also want you all to know that first and foremost I'm one of you - I totally get the anxiety of submitting art for work, I myself have been doing it for years as well - and I personally feel the one thing worse than the sting of rejection is the empty confusion of never even hearing back - with that in mind I believe I have responded to each and every one of you personally to thank you for considering my project - that being said, now that I have selected an artist and submissions are closed please don't expect replies to further submission

thanks so much!