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01-16-2017, 05:58 PM
About the Project:

[untitled vr story] is an independently-financed graphic novel adaptation of a novel/screenplay Ive been developing over the last couple of years. The project will not be all at once, as it will take a bit of time for me to rewrite the script for the graphic novel format.

About the Story:
The story focuses on 3 characters and their exploration of a fantasy based virtual world, and the adventures they have therein.

About the author: 
Im a filmmaker based in LA, my recent short was an adaptation of an essay by David Sedaris (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDFe03G0DNY). The goal is to shoot this graphic novel, as well.

What Were Looking For:
We are looking for one penciler who can take on a 100 paged graphic novel. If you love video games, and fantasy novels, thatd be a plus, but not necessary.

Visual References:
Naturally were in love with the work of artists like Fiona Staples, Nathan Gooden, Gabriel Hernandez Walta, Ashley Wood, and Dave Rapoza&Dan Warren. These artists represent a variety of styles, and were relatively open minded about where this story could go, visually.

check-ins and output are a must.
We are looking for reliable artists who have the time and enthusiasm to work on this project, however as stated, this project will likely be made in 5-10 page intervals, so this is the perfect project to slot around your existing engagements.

Paid Test Page:
We will be looking through all submitted portfolios and shortlisting 4-5 candidates to do a paid test page.


Payment & Terms:
We are offering $45 per page for clean pencils, but this is negotiable.

A 5-page down payment will be made upon the start of the project, after which payment will be made every ten pages that are submitted and approved.

We will send payment within 48 hours of receiving completed pages. All payments will be made via Paypal.

You will be asked to sign a work-for-hire agreement.

File format:
300 DPI .TIFF files uploaded to the team Dropbox.


Submission info:

Please email phil@filmicarty.com (mailto:phil@filmicarty.com) with the following:

-Sample sequential pages (published or unpublished are both welcome) and/or a link to your portfolio with sequential samples. Confidentiality is assured, in case your samples are as of yet unpublished.

-Sample anthro work, if any (pinups are okay as long as you have non-anthro sequential work as well)

-Your page rate

-Published bibliography, if any (Independent, personal projects are also welcome)

(thanks to everyone whose listing I frankensteined for this one, otherwise I'm sure I would've missed something)

01-30-2017, 11:21 AM
Thanks everyone who responded, we are no longer accepting submissions. Everyone who has responded is extremely talented and we would be lucky to work with any of you. Thanks so much.