View Full Version : Magdalena vs Darkchylde

01-16-2017, 03:08 AM

pencils by Michael Magallanes
inks by pendecon on deviantart

This picture has been at least 3 years in the making...Maybe 4... I first got the high res pencils from Ashkel and then sat on them for a while. I tried adjusting the levels to make it darker and clearer. Didn't work. I tried using dodge and burn on the B&W's... nope. Finally I flatted the pencils and tried to start to shade it. Just looked meh...

So eventually I posted a journal on deviantart and on Facebook asking if anyone wanted to ink it properly. A whole bunch of people said yes, but to date I've only gotten inks from Slackersquad and Pendecon here. I swapped in Slackerquad's inks and started shading stuff but then Pendecon's came along and I'm truly sorry Slackersquad, but his were just that bit better... so I swapped out the inks layer *again* and continued...

So here it is, done, finished, that's it, enough. I can now put this picture behind me and move on... finally.