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01-15-2017, 01:33 AM

Writers! Artists! The Charleston Anvil is currently holding an open call for submissions.

We've released three issues so far, and we're looking for submissions for our fourth!

There's no money involved (you will be credited and your property will remain your property--any money made from sales go to recouping printing costs), but if selected, your submission will see print! And we mail all of our contributors a complimentary copy, as well as offering copies at cost.

We're looking for 1 to 8 page black and white (grayscale) submissions (though a higher page count will still be considered) of comics, illustrations, written stories, illustrated stories- basically anything that can be printed in black and white will be considered. We're also always on the lookout for small non-sequitur spot illustrations!

For more information about the magazine and submitting, visit thecharlestonanvil.com (http://www.thecharlestonanvil.com)

Submissions Open January 1st / Submissions Close February 28th

We got a lot of great work last time we posted on Digital Webbing, so we're really excited to see what this round will bring!

The Charleston Anvil is Charleston, WV's black and white showcase of admixt art and literature- equal parts indie zine, underground comic, pulp magazine, anthology collection, and the avant-garde, composed entirely of volunteered works

Submissions can be as ambitious or modest as desired, as long as it can be printed on the page of a paper magazine. Prose, poetry, art, short stories, comics, stories either with or without illustrations, essays, photography and more will all be considered, and collaborations are encouraged. The Anvil welcomes all genres, included but not limited to fiction, non-fiction, sci-fi, horror, memoir, slice-of-life, romance, and mystery. All mixed media is accepted as well, and no single style or subject matter will be outright rejected. Contributors are welcome no matter what their level of experience, and need not be "established" in any way.

Please keep in mind, however, that only finished works will be accepted, and the magazine itself will be printed in black and white.

Thanks, and good luck!