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01-14-2017, 04:34 AM
Gothic Warrior Chronicles[/img] (http://gwccomic.blogspot.com) -- Good vs. Evil, Love vs. Lust, Slayers vs. Vampires

Vampires walk among us, preying on the nameless and hapless at night. Only a virgin Slayer, of an ancient bloodline of guardians, has the power to truly destroy one. A troubled teen, who has been sent to volunteer at his pastor Uncle's church, "rescues" a young slayer, only to find that he's gotten into much more than he bargained for.

* * *

This is a story that's been a little neglected, also. However, since I haven't really promoted it that much, I'm not all that worried about it.

It's also in its very, very early stages. I haven't even finished a single chapter. However, I'd still like to share what I have so far.










My initial inspiration for this comic was to write a teen vampire story that was better than twilight. The whole idea of the dreamy teenage vampire pissed me off. I wanted a good old fashioned monster movie where the vamps were the bad guys.

My goals for this comic:

1) Stay true to the theme

2) Make a mobile-friendly comic that can be easily read on any device

3) Experiment with the accented black & white art style

4) Complete a one-shot story with a beginning, middle, and end. (Rather than an ongoing series, like Morochey (http://morochey.blogspot.com))