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01-09-2017, 12:18 AM
Hi, forum.

I'm putting together a comic anthology, and I'm seeking a couple participants to help me put it together. I will be doing the majority of the writing - as I've a good set of scripts done already - but I'm open to writers with fresh ideas.

The story follows a superhero and his misadventures in a "monster of the week" framework. He has different powers at different times, so each story will be about a different super power. (The how and why will be explained after an NDA is signed, of course.)

You'll be getting out of this what I'm getting out of it: The anthology will be published, and you'll be given copies at cost - to sell, give away, do what you like with. You'll maintain ownership of your work - I'll maintain ownership of mine. It'll be an honest collaboration.

This is a great opportunity for new artists who are building portfolios or seasoned artists who want a little extra for their convention tables.

Please email me at j.arledge@comic.com if you're interested.
Include samples - past work & resumes.