View Full Version : Colorist Wanted (Paid) for Ongoing Martial Arts Comic

01-02-2017, 10:21 PM
Hello everyone,

I am reaching out here on Digital Webbing for a colorist to work on a long term martial arts comic I have in the works. The project itself is currently slated for 10 issues (interior pages only, not covers) and would love to hire a talented and/or experienced colorist to help my artist's pages to really pop out at the readers.

The visual style I have in mind for the story would be along the lines of Deadly Class or Tokyo Ghost. Something that can walk a fine line between showing the beauty of the environments/tender moments while also being able to enhance the grittiness in the fight scenes.

My price range is a bit flexible at the moment, but the ballpark I'm aiming for is between 35 to 45 dollars a page and in 10 page chunks (in TIF format). However, I am perfectly willing to negotiate a different rate if myself and my artist really dig your style.

The preferred payment method for me is Paypal (though if you have another in mind that is also negotiable) with half the payment being upfront, and the remainder provided within 48 hours of completion.

One other thing I want to say upfront is that I have a good number of pages available for the right colorist to work on, but once you're caught up to my artist I would prefer for there to be a brief break period in order for my artist to complete the current issue he's working on, and frankly for me to maintain my own finances so I continue to reliably pay you.

Here's a bit about me. I have self published a couple of comics under the Freshman Studios banner to comixology and have sold print copies of my books to a few conventions. https://www.comixology.com/Fight-or-...GlzdC9Jc3N1ZXM.


If you are interested in the project feel free email me at freshmanstudios@gmail.com

I will be looking through your applications as I receive them (I'll forward the most promising ones to my artist for his input as well) and will let you know if we're interested. Below are two pages from the first issue to give you an idea the art style so far.

Thank you for your time and interest!

Image 1:
https://jnaqbw.by3302.livefilestore.com/y3m45swLDKx5DtyM3JVQEvNhVfO5wdaoNYukD0E0PcyW7rp2Qf Haa_oxZJ0TjzQcWGAJYf1QoMwUtE-vSKBcoIGxudnq54sx5US8YFeIjNqoB7bNbA5EbFzQyyHq8Cd4t oxSzOUnnIeV_GMp8jI8us_Z-sltagvGRaJvD9BVinVIo8?width=3150&height=4725&cropmode=none

Image 2:
https://7ubakq.by3302.livefilestore.com/y3mXYxL6dK0eNEyKALYJfgCZzHvtRTjNtm4-8N-D7NeSEmFy_14i3U0K_ewTkW8gju4iNDUHBkfhNJQ4xY4Gprg_c rVo1nfkuS1oh0ZexTK_Isp38bv8aiYQLl4xI1lyGYrxUmEthD8 xfG57MPdxOxfbZuZOqcdUg7nKaFHpR7tCEs?width=3150&height=4725&cropmode=none

01-10-2017, 10:32 AM
Thank you everyone for all of your responses. I will be closing this posting from further submissions. I have my top 5 narrowed down and will be making my final selection sometime this week.

Thank you for your time.

01-26-2017, 11:43 AM
The position is now officially filled. Thank you everyone for your time.