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01-02-2017, 03:05 PM
Hi guys!

Just saw that Alterna comics have opened submissions for their next If Anthology: http://www.alternacomics.com/if-anthology The theme is crime and as I mostly write crime stories, I thought it would be a good time to submit something to them. I would have 9 page story that I think would be perfect fit for the anthology. If it isn't accepted, I would also have other use for it so that we can see it published (and bring some extra money back too).

I'm comic book writer and award winning inker from Finland. I've been published in US, UK, France, Sweden, Finland and soon in Greece and I've worked with or I have series coming from companies like Heavy Metal, Amigo Comics, Top Secret Press, Pond Scum Comics, Rats & Crows etc. Some info about me can be found on my Facebook page: www.facebook.com/writerhannukesola

Alterna comics is only paying with copies of the anthology, if the story is accepted, so this is mostly collaborative effort. I'm willing to pay something for the penciller, but as Alterna only gives copies, I can't spend much for this story. I'm looking for an penciller or penciller and inker, but I can handle the inking duties if needed.

If you think you would like to collaborate, feel free to mail me: hannu.kesola@gmail.com with some samples and what kind of compensation would make you happy and we can talk more after that:)

Script sample from the story:

PAGE ONE (four panels)

Panel 1.
All the panels on this first page are wide and the same size as each other. On this panel we are inside a car that has crashed somehow and turned on its roof. Inside, there is a man who is bleeding and it seems that he can't get out of his seatbelt or the car, or he just isnít trying. We see what is on the inside and only the outside from the side window. We can only see a tarmac and that itís dark, so it must be night. This man is about 30 years old. Normally built, ok looking man, who is wearing a leather jacket. Let's call him Jake. The car is a Chrysler Laser. Here is some info about the car: https://blog.hemmings.com/index.php/2014/05/08/lost-cars-of-the-1980s-1984-1986-chrysler-laser/ and with googling it, it is easy to find pictures how the car looks on the inside, although the car is now about 30 years old.

When I was a kid, the only thing I wanted was my fatherís car.
I fucking loved this car.

Panel 2.
This panel is completely black and there is only the title, on white.


Panel 3.
This looks the same as the panel 1, except there is more blood coming from the man.

As the car and I grew older, and I got my driver's lisence, I still wanted it very much.

Panel 4.
Same as panels 1 and 3, but now there is even more blood coming and we see, from the side window, that some man's feet are getting closer to the car. The man who is walking wears jeans and has motorcycle boots on his feet. Something like this maybe: http://images.motorcycle-usa.com/photogallerys/2012-Icon-Elsinore-Boots.jpg

Not because the car was that cool anymore, but I wanted to get it to Pimp My Ride so they could put in, like, a TV and a Nintendo Gamecube and other cool shit that would've guaranteed me some pussy around the local mall.