View Full Version : Halfworld: The New Pioneers now on ComiXology!

12-19-2016, 08:39 PM
My cyberpunk/romance series is now available on ComiXology submit!

Halfworld: The New Pioneers is about a critically wounded planet earth, and the what humanity is doing keep the planet alive. Check it out here!

Halfworld: The New Pioneers

The next issue will be out this spring, so don't miss out!
https://scontent.fapa1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/13557742_871226226311418_8414919356669358443_n.jpg ?oh=b7d65909bbebbc7ac65741cc56b85486&oe=58AFECF5

12-21-2016, 11:48 PM
Looks slick! Do you have a few interior samples?